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Blackball Pool 'A3' Rule sheets are available for purchase from this page and on
You'll find below a detailed description including pricing... plus a Paypal 'Buy Now' option.
These sheets are priced at 99p each and can be posted UK-wide.

A3 Rule Sheets
Blackball pool rules are printed on A3 sheets.
Dimensions are 420mm (width) X 297mm (height).
The print resolution (300dpi) is excellent and the text is clear.
The material used is a very strong 350gsm paper with silk finish.

Blackball Rules
The cue sport discipline of Blackball was first sanctioned in 2004 by the World Pool-Billiards Association. It has become a popular rule set for pool leagues in the United Kingdom and indeed throughout the world. These are rules for the game of 8ball pool played extensively in the UK's pubs and clubs.
There are national governing bodies for blackball in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Individual and team events are held at local, national and international level.

Pricing, Postage and Packing
Each sheet is priced at 99p.
The total cost of postage plus packing is fixed at £4.90
Regardless of the number of sheets ordered the total charge for packing and postage will not increase.
One additional free rule sheet will be added to whatever quantity is ordered !
Sheets are not folded or rolled up to fit postal tubes, but sent in packaging which keeps them flat.
Dispatched only by Royal Mail (1st class) and requires a signature from the receiver.
Only available for posting to addresses within the United Kingdom.

 Example costs for varying quantities...
  Blackball Rules Sheet Prices   
    Quantity       Price (excluding p&p)   
        1               99p
        5           £4.95
      10           £9.90
      15          £14.85
      20          £19.80
      30          £29.70

Descriptive Summary
These sheets lay out rules for playing the game of blackball 8ball pool.
First published 2006. Reprinted 2016 and updated with minor rule changes.
  • Sheet Size :      A3
  • Dimensions :   420 x 297mm
  • Material :        350gsm paper
  • Quality :          Silk Finish
  • Package :        457 x 324mm
These sheets are ideal for framing with 'A3' size picture frames, which are widely available online.
Also the sheet, packaging and postage prices have been kept to a minimum, so may well prove a tempting purchase for blackball pool leagues thinking of distributing rules to their players, affiliated teams or venues.

Purchasing Rules Sheets
Any quantity of these blackball pool rule sheets may be purchased on
Below it's possible to purchase one sheet or a bundle of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 sheets by making the appropriate selection and clicking the paypal 'Buy Now' button. Sheets are priced at 99p each.
The final charge includes the totalled up sheets price at 99p each... plus a postage and packing payment which remains constant at £4.90 regardless of the number of rule sheets you order.
Please choose the quantity required from the drop-down menu then click 'Buy Now'...

Quantity ~ includes £4.90 p&p

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