Purchasing Balls for Blackball Pool

aramith pool balls for blackball
Thinking of buying ball sets or single balls for blackball pool?
First of all you will discover there are numerous manufacturers. It's also apparent that there's considerable variation in quality and hence durability of balls.
Specifications may differ with regard to factors such as density, balance, diameter, roundness, colour, glossiness, hardness and weight.

However there's no doubt that Aramith is one of the world's best known and most popular brands for pool and billiards balls. So, just to provide a starting point, listed below are links to Aramith sets and individual balls which may be purchased online through Amazon.

No recommendations are made regarding suppliers. It is advised that prospective buyers shop around for the best possible prices.
So, the following listings on amazon.co.uk are provided simply to provide an initial guide to Aramith ball prices and the manufacturer's specifications.

Above are links to both complete ball sets and balls which may be purchased individually.
In all instances the object balls (red, yellow and black) are 2 ins in diameter while cue balls are 1-7/8th inches. These are the balls used in the game of blackball pool.

Click (top left) to view what might be described as the traditional English 8ball (Casino) set. In the past these were deemed acceptable for tournaments at local, national and international level. However Casino balls have been largely superceded, at least for most major blackball events, tours and tournaments, by Super Aramith Pro-Cup balls (top right). The Pro-Cups are also becoming increasingly popular at league level and in pool halls. The downside of course is the higher cost of Pro-Cup balls.

Casino balls are said to be lighter and manufactured to lesser tolerances than the Pro-Cups which Aramith say are built to the highest standard of all balls.
You will see that the complete Pro-Cup ball sets include a striped black ball and a spotted white cue ball.

Casino sets are also available for purchase in which the traditional plain white cue ball has been replaced by the higher specification spotted white (top centre).
The bottom row links to Aramith pool balls which can be purchased individually.

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