Scottish Blackball Singles

In 1979 a governing body was established to administer the game of 8ball pool in Scotland.
This was the Scottish National Pool Council, later to become the Scottish Pool Association.
A national tournament for individual players was introduced in 1980 and it has ever since been held annually.
It was first played to blackball rules in 2006.
This event is colloquially referred to as the 'Scottish Singles'.
The Scottish Singles winners and runners-up have been recorded for most years since the inaugural event.
The image shows some past winners.

 Year  Winner  Runner Up
2017 Alan SaundersPaddy McMullan
2016 Liam DunsterRyan Fleming
2015 Liam DunsterSteven Bennie
2014 Scott GillespieRoss Fernie
2013 Mark Boyle Steven Bennie
2012 Scott Gillespie Antz Morrison
2011 Pat Holtz Pete Smith
2010 Scott Ross Pat Holtz
2009 Pat Holtz Scott Gillespie
2008 Jayson Shaw Martin Fisher
2007 Alex McDowell Alan Aldo McLeod
2006 Alex McDowell Ross McInnes
2005 Paddy McMullen Iain Gillies
2004 Alex McDowell Pat Holtz
2003 Scott Ross Jim McIntosh
2002 Ross McInnes Charlie Shaw
2001 Ross McInnes Graham McKeown?
2000 Ross McInnes ????
1999 ???? ????
1998 Johnny Kemp Chris Sweeney
1997 Charlie Shaw Mark Gilluley
1996 Charlie Shaw James Keane
1995 ???? ????
1994 ???? ????
1993 Ross McInnes ????
1992 Jeff Mathieson Ray Stuart
1991 Eddie Scullion Derek Murphy
1990 Alex Laurie Pat Holtz
1989 ???? ????
1988 Ross McInnes Mick McGoldrick
1987 George Meek ????
1986 Ross McInnes ????
1985 Ross McInnes David Linton
1984 Dave Linton  Mick McGoldrick
1983 Ross McInnes Ian De Swarte
1982 Tam Kelly Ian McLelland
1981 Ross McInnes Jack Curran

This tournament remains the premier, most prestigious event in the Scottish pool calendar.