European Championships Statistics

european blackball pool statistical analyses
Comparing the performance of the UK Nations in European Blackball Championships events from 2008 to 2016.
Key to colours used ....
  England : Red
  Scotland : Blue
  N.Ireland : Orange
  Wales : Green
The numbers of both individual and team wins are compared.

Graphs show numbers of event titles won by England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.
Those United Kingdom countries have been very much the most successful since the inaugural European Blackball Championships in 2008.
For the team events the graphs include only those teams categorised as 'A' event winners (no 'Bs' included) and exclude doubles matches.
Wins by France, Southern Ireland and Malta are categorised as 'others' in the following statistics.


european blackball pool singles statistics

Above are wins for United Kingdom nations individual players in events from 2008 to 2016 inclusive.
Up to nine wins may appear for each of the listed categories from 'Men' through to 'Ladies (specials)'.
Consider the top row, the singles events for 'Men'.
There have been eight winners. England (coloured red) have won on two occasions, players from Scotland (blue) have won four times while a Welsh (green) player has won once.
A player from a non-UK nation (grey) has had one win in the men's category.
Looking at the 'Ladies' category it can be seen that English ladies have won twice and a Northern Ireland (orange) lady once. Other lady players, in this instance all from France, have won on five occasions.
The 'Specials' singles have been dominated by Northern Ireland in both men and ladies events.


european blackball pool team statistics

These are the United Kingdom nations 'A' team wins from 2008 to 2016 inclusive.
Again the graph shows that the countries of the UK have secured the majority of Championship titles.
It can be seen that England have dominated the men and under-18s team events, Wales have done best in the under-23s, Scotland in the seniors and Northern Ireland in the 'Specials' for both the men and ladies teams.
In the above categories, outside of the United Kingdom, only France have been successful in European 'A' team competitions. Their wins are shown as 'others' (grey) in the graph.


european blackball pool singles team statistics

These statistics add the numbers of 'A' teams wins to individual player wins from 2008 to 2016 inclusive for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.
These are simply the totalled wins from the two preceding graphs. Again each increment in the graph represents one event win.
So, taking the 'Seniors' category as an example. In all Senior events (singles plus 'A' team events) England have had three wins, Scotland seven wins and Northern Ireland two wins. Other nations, outside of the United Kingdom, have won the European Seniors title on four occasions.

It has been mentioned that in all categories the only nations outwith the UK to have won titles have been France, Malta and Southern Ireland. This website is primarily about UK blackball pool but further graphics will be published, when the data becomes available, in which the performances of all of the competing nations are compared including 'B' events wins.
There's also a listing European Blackball Championships singles and team winners on this site.