World Championships Honours Shared

Since 2006 the World Blackball Pool Championships have been held biennially.
The above graphic shows the nations which have won team events at these championships and below there's a chart showing the nations who have won individual events.

The World Championships host team and individual events for men, ladies, seniors, masters, specials, under-23s, under-18s, under-15s and wheelchair players.

The World Blackball Pool Championships have been held at the following venues...
  • 2006 : Cork, S.Ireland
  • 2008 : Swaziland
  • 2010 : Limoges, France
  • 2012 : Blackpool, England
  • 2014 : Perth, Scotland
  • 2016 : Killarney, S.Ireland
The performances of the nations of the United Kingdom attending the World Championships have been listed from 2006 to 2016.
In 2016 World Blackball Championships the competing teams were from Australia, Catalunya, Cyprus, England, France, Gibraltar, Malta, Morocco, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Southern Ireland, South Africa and Wales.
The 2016 team photos may be viewed in our photo gallery.

Also, do please check out our video photo slideshow of the teams attending the World 2016 Championships.