Customized PDF Blackball Rules File

If an official from a League or Organisation playing pool to Blackball Rules would like to have a file prepared in PDF format which can be viewed online (and which of course may printed) then please contact Bill Hunter at with details.

blackball pool customised pdf file

Here's the template for such a file :

The file linked above shows were the organisation's name will appear.
Web and email addresses may also be included.

It's also possible to include a 'logo' in the position shown. Any logo must be of a suitable size and of high resolution. In fact some images prove unsuitable for this purpose. Images which appear adequate on a web page may not always print clearly.
If a logo is not available the text will simply be shifted to the left.

If you print out your file the ideal paper size is 'A3' however it can just about be read when printed on 'A4' sheets.

Here are some examples of the customized blackball pool rule sheets :
Neston Pool League
Dutch Blackball Association
Colwyn Bay & District Pool League
Room 21 Singles League, Stockton
Clockhouse York Wednesday League
Dunfermline and District Pool League
Southend and District Pool League
Adnawat Spares Pool Club, Zimbabwe
Rossendale Pool League, Lancashire
Superleague Dublin Blackball League
Q-Sports Academy, Fintona
Scott McIntosh Pool Services
Eastbourne and District Pool League
Akrotiri Blackball Pool League
Ball Room Coatbridge Singles League
Coatbridge Pool League
Larne and District Pool League
Haslingden and Helmshore Pool League

Please note this free service is available to official representatives (committee members) of blackball pool leagues or organisations..... although it may be possible to accommodate pool halls who might want to display rule sheets on their premises bearing their own name.

You'll find more information on Bill Hunter's facebook page.