Singles Honours at Blackball Events From 2006 by Nation

Bar charts showing the total Number of Titles won by each Nation in the Singles categories at the World Blackball Championships at each of the biennial events from 2006 to 2022.
Statistics include only those events recognised by the sport's governing organisations, such as Blackball International and the World Pool-Billiard Association.

Note that at the 'official' 2022 World Championships in Tangier, Morocco only England of the four nations of the United Kingdom competed.
Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales were not represented. The European Blackball Association (and all of its affiliated organisations) having, earlier in the year, lost the recognition of blackball's world governing bodies.
A further consequence of this was that the 2022 World Championships were for the first time dominated by players representing African countries.

Above, the total number of singles title honours (wins) for each nation since the inaugural event in 2006.
It can be seen that Scotland has secured most singles honours.
This was in part because Scotland was in 2005 amongst the very first nations to introduce the blackball ruleset domestically.

The final graphic shows the growth in the number of categories for singles events at the World Blackball Championships.
It is anticipated that further singles categories will be added in future including a 'Grand Masters' for players of 60 years and over.