World Blackball Championships Team Winners

The World Blackball Pool Championships have been held biennially since 2006.
The TEAM events winners, showing year and nation, were as follows.

World Championships Team Men Ladies
World Championships Team Seniors Masters
World Championships Team U23 U18
World Championships Team LDPD U16-U15

The venues were as follows.
  • 2018 : Bridlington, England
  • 2016 : Killarney, Ireland
  • 2014 : Perth, Scotland
  • 2012 : Blackpool, England
  • 2010 : Limoges, France
  • 2008 : Swaziland
  • 2006 : Cork, Ireland

Championships results pages...

In addition this PDF file lists all players in alphabetical order who were individual winners in the World Championships, European Championships and Nations Cup events.