Administration of Blackball Pool

Very few cue sports organisations have the courage or confidence to make public the minutes of their meetings.
Blackball International (BI), the worldwide governing body for blackball pool, has in the past been no exception.

However, following a much publicised and acrimonious disagreement between the administrators of BI and those of the European Blackball Association (EBA) various documents of all kinds have found their way into the public domain and been widely distributed.

The minutes of meetings listed below provide an insight into the intrigues and maneuverings of those who administer the sport of blackball pool on our behalf and in all honesty the content does not make good reading.

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BI Minutes of Meeting
Regrets over lack of documentation.
Salvaging of 2018 World Championships.
Forced resignations.
Lack of sponsorship.
No signed contracts.
TV company pull out.
Monies due from 2014.

BI General Assembly
Attendees listed.
Membership of Australia.
Adoption of previous minutes.
Presentation of Annual Report.
Finances and issues.
China membership problems.
Africa membership.
Special membership, IPA.
Membership fees.
Constitution amendment.
WPA recognition.
Referees and rules.

BI Council Meeting
New board members.
Applicants named.
Merits (or otherwise) discussed.
Votes for vice-president.
Treasurer and EBA representatives.
World Championships in France.

BI Extraordinary General Assembly
Termination of a board member.
Disagreement over process.
Complaints listed.
Threats, abuse and blackmail.
Responsibilities not delivered.
Breaches of constitution.
Vote upon the termination motion.
Terminated !

If you've read through these documents it's unlikely you will have been impressed by the antics of certain individuals... and sad to say the divisions within the blackball community have worsened further over recent times.

Of course there are dedicated and honest people who have the best interest of the game and players at heart and have done a tremendous job in running pool organisations and staging events.
Unfortunately there are others motivated by self-interest and greed who command far too much influence in the administration of the sport and while that continues hold back any hope of progress.