Pool Related Profile Avatars

Often avatars are used as profile pictures on social media and elsewhere online as an alternative to uploading a personal photo.
Added below are some pool related avatars which are free to download and might serve as profile pictures.

A few are very loosely based on Scottish football team mascots!
They'll all fit inside a circular profile frame.
Over time more images will be added.

They were initially created using DALL-E 3, although most required a good deal of additional editing using online software such as Canva.

Additional images can be downloaded from Google Drive at this link... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1m770Qyiy4Kmcyk8UeFZtCkACpyXVXfDW?

There are additional avatars at the above link.

Wasp Bee Pool Player

Rangers FC Pool Player

Cabbage Pool Player

Celtic Pool Player

Joker Pool Player

Lemon Pool Player

Octopus Pool Player

Hearts FC Pool Player

Shark Pool Player

Aberdeen FC Pool Player

Stag Pool Player

Tortoise Pool Player