Blackball Organisation Polls

In December of 2022 a poll was held on Twitter @blackballpool asking pool players to rate the performance of the administrators of three international blackball organisations.

Those organisations were Blackball International, the European Blackball Association and the International Professional Pool Association.
These are the poll results.

Blackball International
The poll results for Blackball International were dismal, but in all honesty it can't be easy to rate a world governing body which has apparently given up entirely on keeping players informed... and at this time has no active online presence.

European Blackball Association
It's no surprise that the administrators of the European Blackball Association are currently regarded with disdain.
A mediocracy of obsequious sycophants who must bear major responsibility for the current divisions within the sport.
This poll rating undoubtedly reflects that. 

International Professional Pool Association
The International Professional Pool Association has it critics but the organisation continues to make excellent headway both in the UK, and now internationally.

Elsewhere on this website there's an insight into the intrigues and maneuverings within the sport which have brought about the current animosity between blackball's governing bodies (2023).